2302, 2019

How to Take the Plunge: Destination Hawaii Wedding

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You type “getaway” into google. What you really want is a sense of freedom, escape from ritual … mixed with a curiosity to try something new. Destination weddings are a cycle of these feelings: a thirst for loafing with cocktails by the pool, spiked by an urge to hop on a boat and snorkel.

                     The Bride arrives to her ceremony via canoe over translucent green Hawaiian waters.

Ryan and Cassie embraced this mix.

1402, 2018

Groom Has 2 Epic Surprises. Her Reactions Are Gold

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His 1st surprise had her in tears. His next has everyone rolling.

Let’s just start this incredible blog off with a brief exchange from Bride and Groom at their first look during gift exchange at their Holman Ranch Summer Wedding :

Bride: “You made this?!”

Groom: “Yeah … took a few months.”

What was it? An heirloom, hand-made – yes, by the groom’s own hands – book of epic proportions. Sean spent months to fill this heirloom with hand-drawn everything:

Journals of things they’d done, hand sketches, and love notes all on parchment paper and leather bound. He

1202, 2018

Breaking the Rules of Wedding Timelines

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How a couple doubled up on their Holman Ranch sunset portrait session for the ages.

Put 100+ guests together under one roof with a long list of food, speeches, dances, and it starts to feel like you’re simply checking off boxes until that glorious moment when the DJ transitions to Usher’s “Yeah!” at which point we can all party without reservation, you can stop worrying about which member of your bridal party will do something embarrassing, and just decide to take matters into your own hands. Yeah. Unfortunately this is the last 5% of your day. The rest needs