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What’s Your Style?




Bold, inviting, unapologetically ecstatic.  This is a teaser – see the full version below – for a New Year’s Eve wedding complete with fireworks! A blend of energy, sentiment, and candid shots to keep you entertained from start to finish.

“Fields of Gold”

100% Classic Momentum style from soft buildup to crescendos. Spoken words complement flashbacks, and the optional family interviews – contact us for menu items  – Read about their gorgeous Holman Ranch Wedding in the “Inspiration” section.

 Destination / Adventure

Hybrid Films

“Hi Life”

A destination wedding always feel like an adventure, honeymoon, and wedding wrapped into one. Your destination wedding film should reflect that. Here’s just a teaser of one of our favorites that captures all of the diving, swimming and exploring that led up to this incredible Hawaiian destination wedding!


Hybrid videos combine the best of both Classic & Modern styles: a rollercoaster of action shots, balanced with thoughtful emotions. A great middle ground for couples who like both styles or, (heaven forbid) disagree! This is a teaser, so check out some full hybrids below to hear how we incorporate speaking parts.



Intriguing yet Edgy. This style packs a punch that you can’t turn away from.


“Fields of Gold”

Soft buildup, Slo-Mo crescendos, and heartfelt words via the optional family interviews – contact us for menu items .


Classic, Modern, & Hybrid Styles.


More Classic & Modern Edits

“Off Script” – Authentic & Fun-Focused

This is a distinct variation of the Hybrid Film in which we focus on using off-the-cuff moments to highlight the fun and personalities of the day. While cinematic shots are clearly involved, the controlling presence of the highlight is the pure happiness and raw interactions that occur throughout the day.

Modern & Dreamy

Here we take advantage of what a small elopement can allow couples to do: turn their edit into something adventurous. Without having the traditional big gathering, we were able to combine shots from this couples small elopement and mix with an adventure day where they explored the coast. Tarek & Roushel love exploring new places so we made an edit that played on the juxtaposition of exploring the outside world whilst discovering the world within.

Hybrid :   Classic + Modern Mix  – “Greatest Show on Earth

One of our favorite Hybrid edits, this film has a dynamic “mini-intro” that flows into a classic vibe. However, note how the story avoids chronology: this allows us to take the audience on a ride that feels like it covers everything in a way that is both entertaining yet comprehensive.

Teaser Video – Modern Pebble beach Wedding

This teaser video is a modern and uptempo take on wedding elegance. A little confidence can go a long way in making something unique.

Modern New Years Eve Wedding

This is the full highlight of the “Resolutions” teaser at the top of the page. Notice how this edit really plays with the main motif of Time both visually with the watch, but also in how events are organized. This highlight leans modern with some classic elements that slow it down, such as the longer excerpt of vows in the middle of the edit.

Classic + Lighthearted  –  “Head in the Clouds”

This hybrid mixes classic soft sentiment with time-shifting vignettes that help it move a little faster than your typical classic style. Courtney & John wanted a more lighthearted and fun vibe to pair with this classic style, so the highlight pulls both sentimental and funny snippets from the day.   There’s time shifting here that allows you to remember the day as you dream it: not in one chronological flow, but in snippets that swing back and forth from one part of the day to the next. We love this and hope you do too!

EDM Modern teaser – “Own This Game”

This teaser is what happens when 2 things collide: A) You and your husband decide to jump in the pool after your wedding, and B) You tell me you want your wedding film to be pure adrenaline and upbeat.

Classic Elegance – “The Reason”

More than any other Classic edit, the time shifting in this one really allows you to lose yourself in the different parts of the day. Notice the power of human voice as it relates to painting a picture, almost more than the images in the video itself! Take note of how the time of day, speaker, and images all slightly overlap, yet shift enough to keep you interested.

Indie Modern Soul teaser – “A Ride to Remember”

This is a teaser that showcases the vibe and feel of Soul / Indie music with wedding highlights. We love the fresh and energetic vibe that matches well with the pace of the day and the personalities involved: the whole bridal party loaded up onto a steam train and had a great time as they rode up into the mountains for their ceremony.

Bear in mind that the speaking parts for this couple are on the full film (and this couple’s full film uses different music). However we can adapt this genre to be used in full films as well.

Classic Soul – “Other Side of Rain”

This soulful take was inspired by the couple’s love for the band Alabama Shakes. While the edit falls in the “Classic” category, the music gives it a slight modern touch while still keeping the deliberate and slow-paced editing of a classic film.

If you have any questions about music, please ask: You might be surprised about what you’ll find out.