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– Story Meets Style –

– Where Story Meets Style –

The simple things hold a world of magic inside:  words from your father, a hand-holding gesture. Woven into a dream that’s all your own.

Start simple. Look closely. That’s where the big stories hide. We love finding simple words or moments to bring you back. Watch the many ways to do it …

Classic Momentum

Modern Edge

“Fields of Gold”

100% Classic Momentum style from soft buildup to crescendos. Spoken words complement flashbacks, and the optional family interviews – contact us for menu items  – Read about their gorgeous Holman Ranch Wedding in the “Inspiration” section.


Our newest, and most pop-style edit yet. A teaser for a New Year’s Eve wedding complete with fireworks! Just the right blend of energy, sentiment, and candid shots to keep you entertained from start to finish. Note the simple motif of the ticking clock for the intro.

Classic Momentum

“Fields of Gold”

Soft buildup, Slo-Mo crescendos, and heartfelt words via the optional family interviews – contact us for menu items .

       Modern Edge


Intriguing yet Edgy. This style packs a punch that you can’t turn away from.


Classic, Modern, & Hybrid Styles.


More Classic & Modern Edits

“All that I Am” – Classic

Another example of the Classical Cinematic Style. It starts with focused and gentle shots of the couple while you hear the voice of the officiant from the ceremony. We then briefly flash to a snippet from the ceremony before flashing back to the buildup of the day. It’s important to note how starting this way is actually more engaging than just doing a chronological replay.

“SuperHuman” – Modern Edge

This edit is on the extreme end of the pop-like modern style as it foregoes the traditional slow buildup in every way, only slowing down for words during the portion where the vows are read. This style of edit really shows off the variety of experiences that occurred on their day as you don’t have to wait till halfway through to get to the reception. It’s one of our favorite things about this edit style: you feel the excitement and joy from the first few moments.

“City of Dreams” – Classic Momentum

This is a distinct variation of the Classic Momentum Style – The Scene Setter. It takes about 20 seconds to really establish the setting as you’ll notice the collection of shots that build the sense of the city waking up. We really like this twist and it is something that you can specifically ask for. The rest of the film has all the traditional classic momentum trademarks, including a variety of spoken words from the day that overlap images of the preparations.

“East meets West” – Modern Edge

This celebration blended Arab traditions with Western: the white dress and 1st look were hallmarks of the modern American wedding, but instead of a ceremony or speeches the celebration featured lively dancing and gift giving. It was truly a big party and an unforgettable night. Without vows or speeches, the edit flows from 1st look to party with an emphasis on emotion and the energetic musical interlude at the 2:45 minute mark.

“Mi Tesoro” – Classic Momentum

We love the orchestral mini-intro to Ana & Jorge’s wedding from 4 years ago. Notice two parts of this film:

  • The use of words from the priest overlapping images of the couple later in the day
  • The excerpt of letter reading spliced in the first minute that adds anticipation

Moments flow naturally without regard for time. The lesson here is that the best stories are not always chronological.

HYBRID – Classic + Modern

This film has BOTH Classic and Modern elements to it.

The intro is clearly classic, but Fast Forward to 5:30 because that is where the Modern Edit begins.

This edit is a unique blend of a classic momentum edit with some modern pop-edge towards the end. The montage at 5:40 in particular will give you a feel for where we can take edits in terms of pace and feel.