Culture & Lifestyle

Designed to help our small business partners play on their biggest strength: personality and relatability. At the heart of any good project is a relatable message and story. From there we can design the vehicle to deliver it. Here, the simplicity of black and white pairs wonderfully with music as deliberate text unfolds naturally and complimentary.

The Last Gift

Your messaging speaks to your values by humanizing those values.

Real Estate & Venue Management

Our property profiles are clean and polished while still wielding enough flare to keep your audience captive. Motion graphics, lower third titles, and well-timed narrative elements all combine to offer a dynamic view of a simple subject.

Another unique touch is the use of contextualizing graphics at the end of the video. This helps sell the viewer on the surrounding areas as well as the property itself.

Property Narrative

Showcase Films



Designed for businesses looking to make a bold, and meaningful impact that resonates with their target audience while still inviting new people in.  These films are intended to capture and hold the attention of your audience by using elements of curiosity that invite the viewer to see what’s next.

Site Branding

Welcome & Engage

You have three to five seconds to speak visually to your audience. Draw your viewers in with engaging content that acts as a gateway to the rest of your site highlights.

Company Anchor Films

Anchor Films are for medium to large corporations that want a more standard approach to messaging for both in-house and external storytelling. They range from venue tours and website welcome videos, to in-house events for corporations. These typically rely heavily on narration via interviews or excerpts from presentations, paired with B-roll footage that supports the message.

Branding & Re-Branding

If you’re making a change to finally target your ideal client and looking to align your company image / brand with what resonates with that client, you need to show them you mean it. The Dream Inn of Santa Cruz is one such business that is changing their appeal for event hosting to cater to clients who appreciate a more refined look and experience. They contacted us to make this brief brand film to help establish their new look to their target audience. This content can be delivered repeatedly via social media and strategic online placement.