His 1st surprise had her in tears. His next has everyone rolling.

Let’s just start this incredible blog off with a brief exchange from Bride and Groom at their first look during gift exchange at their Holman Ranch Summer Wedding :

Bride: “You made this?!”

Groom: “Yeah … took a few months.”

What was it? An heirloom, hand-made – yes, by the groom’s own hands – book of epic proportions. Sean spent months to fill this heirloom with hand-drawn everything:

Bride shocked

Journals of things they’d done, hand sketches, and love notes all on parchment paper and leather bound. He gifts this to Michelle at their first look and she can’t even get past a couple pages.

Ladies, to be clear: this is out of the ordinary! Photographer (Orbie Pullen),  the planner extraordinaire (Coastside Couture) and I all marveled at this at night’s end. So girls, please don’t judge your groom’s gift by this standard because we’ve never seen anything like this … but it gets better…

Here’s the video link and Cliff’s Notes

– To see the handmade book surprise Fast-Forward to 1:15

– To see the Michelle’s shock at the wedding reading, Fast-Forward to 3:05

Oh, and one more crazy note about this wedding: it all happened downwind of the Soberanes Fire that engulfed Big Sur in that summer of ’16. You can literally see ash falling from the sky in several shots and the whole day was like sunset with an orange smoky sky. Just incredible. Our friends over at Love Stories TV loved it so much they added it to their favorites as well!

Sean decided one surprise in private wasn’t enough. He had an even bigger, more public wedding surprise waiting for everyone at the altar! This one had to do with Michelle’s favorite show “The Office.” Those of you who know the show might guess where this is going…

Privately, Sean had arranged to have the officiant sneak in Jim’s monologue from “The Office” about going after love. As the officiant announces it, the look on Michelle’s face of pure shock is beyond priceless. Well done Sean, well done.